FK BRNO Field Pistol 7.5 FIELD 5.9" Barrel, Black with Red Grips


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Product Information

The FK Brno Limited Edition 7.5 Field Pistol was designed entirely and exclusively around the 7.5 FK cartridge, and to fulfill the original requirements for that cartridge:

  • Low recoil
  • Controlled muzzle jump
  • Useable with one hand accurately

That includes the ability to carry it in a shoulder holster, and the ability to use a quick attach/detach compact foldable shoulder stock without effecting the loading and ejecting of the magazine.

The FK Brno Limited Edition 7.5 Field Pistol is a sporting pistol designed primarily to be used in long-range competitions, silhouette shooting, hunting, and, generally, any pistol shooting activity and tasks that requires the ability to engage targets at longer ranges.

The FK Brno Field Pistol was designed with the ability to use it with a folding stock such as for personal security detail, for urban / suburban combat, as an air crew survival weapon, as a mechanized armor crew weapon, and more.


  • A double-stack magazine fed automatic pistol, with general dimensions and weight similar to current standard issue military pistols
  • Proprietary cartridge and projectile having a proven effective range in terms of accuracy and terminal ballistics of at least 100 meters (110 yards) against targets that weight up to 150 kg (330 lbs) while maintaining low recoil and controllability.
  • Single-hand use ability.
  • Rapid acquisition sight system that does not require adjustment within the range spectrum.

Muzzle velocity: 610 m/s (2000 fps)
Velocity at 100 m (110 yds): 465 m/s (1525 fps)
Muzzle energy: 1200 J (880 ft/lbs)
Energy at 100 m (110yds): 700 J (520 ft/lbs)
Bullets weights: Monolithic HP and JHP bullets: 95gr

The 7.5 FK Field Pistol is a single-action, tilting barrel type mechanism, with a proprietary recoil-attenuating system.

This is not a modified design of another product or pistol model. This is a completely new and unique concept and design and the intellectual rights to the system have been registered and claimed by FK BRNO.

The frame and slide are very slender and streamlined for such a size cartridge and caliber.

Frame Material: Alloy
Barrel Length: 5.9"
Capacity: 10 rounds
Action: Semi-Auto
Color: Black


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