Canatek 4 Gun Standard Locking Gun Block CLGB-04

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Product Information

The "Locking Gun Block" provides an entirely new method of protecting and securing your handguns for transportation or storage. Firearms within the Locking Gun Block are both safe and secure. No trigger many be accessed, and no cylinder may be opened on any revolver.

- provides a safe and secure transportation and storage environment for every size and type of handgun (details in complete information below)
- eliminates the use of individual trigger locks
- a single locking pin release provides access to all the handguns in the block
- immediately triples the handgun storage capacity of any gun safe
- accommodates most modern optics on auto loading handguns
- accommodates the use of chamber flags
- all handguns point in the same direction
- allows locked blocks of handguns to be placed directly into any lockable container for transportation
- allows every handgun in any safe to be viewed visually as soon as the door is opened
- Size: 7 1/4" wide X 7 7/8" deep X 5 1/4" high
- Weight: Complete with the locking pin assembly 2.8 pounds
- the Locking Gun Block you have selected on this page holds 4 handguns
- all of our products are manufactured in Canada with the finest materials, technology, and craftsmanship

- The Locking Gun Block is modular so it may be removed from your safe and placed directly into your Canatek gun range box (or any lockable container) for transportation to the range.

- All handguns are transported as a single locked unit and once at the range the removal of the single locking pin provides instant access to all of your handguns.

- CNC technology has been used in conjunction with the finest materials available in the manufacture of the Locking Gun Block.

- All firearms are separated so they do not touch each other while taking up minimal space in your gun vault or container used for transporting firearms.

- The ends and base of the Locking Gun Blockare constructed of black 3/8" thick UHMW, often referred to as the slickest, most durable plastic on earth.

- The inner slots within the Gun Block are separated by brand name clear ballistic grade polycarbonate

- The inserts which capture the trigger guard and top surface of each firearm are made with specially formulated and laminated 2A3 closed cell foam rubber. This outstanding, high density, commercial grade foam, does not give off gases or retain moisture.

- The elements of the Gun Block are assembled into a single unit with genuine 6/6 solid nylon pins which are recessed internally into the Gun Block ends so there are no fasteners on show.

- All the handguns within the Gun Block are secured by a massive 5/8" solid 6/6 nylon pin which is precision machined and milled to accept a totally armored rectangular lock. The hardened single pin lock up design of the Gun Block eliminates the use of far less effective and cumbersome individual trigger locks.

- The key for the definite purpose lock used in the Gun Block may only be removed when the lock is properly secured in place. This eliminates any potential human error of having a lock in place which is not actually secured.

- Our standard Gun Block accepts virtually all common auto loading pistols spanning many platforms and revolvers up to and including K Frame .357 magnum revolvers.

- The Gun Block may also be tethered to a fixed object with an optional coated braided steel cable. This secures the entire Gun Block and its contents in situations where handguns may be on display to the public etc.


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